We handle all aspects of business and commercial transactions including
startups, mergers and acquisitions, ongoing corporate management and
litigation. We work with entrepreneurs, investors, corporate boards and
management teams to provide personalized attention and legal expertise
at affordable legal rates.

We assist bold, courageous, creative and optimistic entrepreneurs and innovators with the organization of new ventures and startups. We also advise and prepare founder and shareholder agreements, draft operating agreements, establish capital structure, issuance of stock, setting up an option plan, preparation of paperwork and agreements for raising seed and early funding, protection of intellectual property, and employment matters. We represent public and privately companies including those focused on the emergent technology of graphene.
Intellectual property represents a significant asset for any business and should be well protected. For some, IP may reflect years of hard work, research and invention. For others, it may be an iconic trademark or brand. Whether it’s making sure that all your employees have assigned proper invention rights or structuring a transaction to transfer IP, we appreciate the unique needs of each client. We also file for trademark protection with the USPTO and work with and oversee exceptional lawyers who specialize in filing and prosecuting patents.
We advise corporations and their boards on a full range of matters involving navigation of fiduciary duties, implementation of the business judgment rule and best practices, and compliance with state and federal law. We also assist corporations by attending shareholder and board meetings, preparing shareholder notices and proxies, and memorializing board actions and resolutions with minutes and consents. We also conduct investigations on behalf of boards and management and represent companies faced with shareholder derivative demands.
We understand business and its day-to-day general financial and legal transactions. We regularly advise or clients regarding the formation and negotiation of general B2B contracts, merger-acquisition and buy-sell agreements, employment and separation agreements, licenses and leases. We are highly skilled at identifying ambiguities and weaknesses in business agreements, legal forms and contracts, and in protecting our clients from exploitation or falling victim to a bad deal.
A fiduciary relationship is any relationship between parties to a transaction in which one of the parties has a duty to act with the “utmost good faith for the benefit of the other party.” This is usually a relationship of trust which may arise in situation between business partners, directors and officers towards the corporation or minority shareholders, trustees, spouses, and real estate agents. We understand and specialize in this area of the law. Our lawyers use their expertise and experience to counsel our clients, and to offer and implement effective solutions.
Clients, such as business and property owners, asset managers, developers, and contractors rely on Menlo Law Group for legal counsel and advice for real property transactions and litigation matters due to our unique combination of direct development experience and industry knowledge. We advise clients on such matters as commercial leasing, construction contracts, real property purchase and sale agreements, development agreements, LLC agreements for funding real estate transactions, entity formation, easements, finance and loan documentation, and tax deferred exchanges.
Sometimes it becomes necessary to litigate to protect your business from damaging claims or to vindicate important rights. We have achieved outstanding results for our clients in a broad array of civil disputes. We aggressively advocate for our clients and pride ourselves on creative lawyering which produce excellent results and early resolution of disputes. Our lawyers work closely and intelligently with our clients to realize their objectives and goals in the most cost efficient and effective manner.
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